I write hundreds a stories a year on the space business, from conferences, from live events and from my own home. You can see my work daily in places like Space.com, Forbes and SpaceQ.

I journeyed to Kazakhstan twice to report on two International Space Station launches: Expedition 56 and Expedition 58.

I documented a simulated space missionliving on a "Mars" base for two weeks.

I connected with the space community through three space shuttle launches (like this one), and talked to numerous astronauts about how to prepare for spaceflight.

From e-books to covering events, I'm an experienced hand in all sorts of communications projects. I've published technical work for places like the Canada Foundation for Innovation, attended live talks at locations such as Carleton University, and helped many businesses with spreading their science message.

Image: Space journalists Sean Costello (left) and Elizabeth Howell at the Expedition 58 launch in Kazakhstan. Credit: Sean Costello