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I run science and writing workshops for students ranging from elementary school to retirement age.

My home bases are Algonquin College, where I teach trades students the power of communications, and Canadian government workers through the Professional Development Institute at the University of Ottawa.

I also periodically teach at places such as:

  • Ottawa's Performance Management Consultants

  • The University of North Dakota's space studies department (also my alma mater)

  • Carleton University's journalism department (also my alma mater)

  • The University of Ottawa's communications department

  • La Cité collégiale's journalism and English as a second language programs.

  • Private consultations

Topics I cover:

  • Technical writing for beginning to advanced students

  • How to get over your fear of writing

  • How to write about topics you enjoy

  • How to organize yourself for professional success

  • Space exploration history and current affairs

Notable media appearances

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