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Elizabeth Howell's Journalism in Space


VP Kamala Harris to attend Artemis 1 moon launch (exclusive): Advance news from the Office of the Vice President of the United States regarding attendance at a big NASA launch. (

'Learning Lunchbox' science kits reach kids across the US: A portable science kit launched during the early pandemic is rapidly expanding distribution from a single Ohio county to London, Paris and Dubai. (

Zero-gravity parabolic flights get surge of demand for spaceflight work. Commercial astronauts, disability advocates and researchers are signing up for zero-g airplane flights. (

Spacesuit for women: Fashion is the final frontier in new Kickstarter campaign. The pumpkin suit is back, but this time with another gender in mind during the design process. (

This space station astronaut's '2001' cosplay in orbit began with Velcro and thrift store duds: Just one thing was missing from the first European space station commander's packing list: a thrift store costume.  (

SpaceX Crew-4 astronauts say their space station work will help get NASA to the moon: A conversation with the International Space Station about relating today's research to the Artemis program. (

NASA's fatal Challenger launch still echoes through the agency today: While on leave in January 1986, NASA administrator James Beggs turned on the television and spotted icicles on Challenger's launch tower. A day later, seven astronauts lost their lives. (

NASA astronaut Sally Ride statue to be unveiled in Los Angeles on July 4. Historically, there has been a dearth of statues representing individuals other than men. (

Opportunity Mars rover leader Steve Squyres on 'Good Night Oppy' film, giving up Saturn: Steve Squyres had big plans to move to a new planet once the NASA Opportunity Mars rover finished its mission, but that idea got "completely derailed." (

How did the Earth get its name? Whether you call our planet the Earth, the world or a terrestrial body, all of these names have an origin story deep in history. (LiveScience)

Gobble, gobble! Satellite spies Thanksgiving turkeys being 'pardoned' at White House: The annual Thanksgiving ceremony has also made its way to popular culture, including "The West Wing." (

Mock Mars Mission: Complete coverage of Crew 133 at the Mars Desert Research Station (

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