Elizabeth Howell's Journalism in Space


VP Kamala Harris to attend Artemis 1 moon launch (exclusive): Advance news from the Office of the Vice President of the United States regarding attendance at a big NASA launch. (Space.com)

'Learning Lunchbox' science kits reach kids across the US: A portable science kit launched during the early pandemic is rapidly expanding distribution from a single Ohio county to London, Paris and Dubai. (Space.com)

Spacesuit for women: Fashion is the final frontier in new Kickstarter campaign. The pumpkin suit is back, but this time with another gender in mind during the design process. (Space.com)

This space station astronaut's '2001' cosplay in orbit began with Velcro and thrift store duds: Just one thing was missing from the first European space station commander's packing list: a thrift store costume.  (Space.com)

SpaceX Crew-4 astronauts say their space station work will help get NASA to the moon: A conversation with the International Space Station about relating today's research to the Artemis program. (Space.com)

Opportunity Mars rover leader Steve Squyres on 'Good Night Oppy' film, giving up Saturn: Steve Squyres had big plans to move to a new planet once the NASA Opportunity Mars rover finished its mission, but that idea got "completely derailed." (Space.com

How did the Earth get its name? Whether you call our planet the Earth, the world or a terrestrial body, all of these names have an origin story deep in history. (LiveScience)

Gobble, gobble! Satellite spies Thanksgiving turkeys being 'pardoned' at White House: The annual Thanksgiving ceremony has also made its way to popular culture, including "The West Wing." (Space.com)

Mock Mars Mission: Complete coverage of Crew 133 at the Mars Desert Research Station (Space.com)