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Elizabeth Howell

Space journalist 
and communications instructor
serving the "next generation"

My writing has taken me on calls to the International Space Station, in spacesuits, on a simulated Mars mission and to an exclusive with the Office of the Vice-President of the United States.


Complex Ideas, Simple Writing

I’ll help you take control of your technical content. I write about science and space, and teach others the same thing. Whether you need a news story, a communications piece or an engaging workshop, I’ll deliver. I leverage 20 years of enthusiasm and experience to reach your audience.

Writing by the Water

Why Am I Taller?

ORDER NOW - Is the human body built for Mars? NASA’s studies on the International Space Station show we need to fix a few things before sending people to the Red Planet.

Co-written by astronaut Dave Williams, M.D. and space journalist Elizabeth Howell, Ph.D.



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